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EU Mexico Treaty Briefing

On Monday afternoon, July 2nd, the Irish Mexican Chamber and a number of our members put aside their disappointment after the Mexico Brazil match to join EU Ambassador Klaus Rudischhauser, Paolo Caridi, Head of the Economic and Trade Section at the EU Delegation and other members of the Delegation team for the first a number of briefings for EU/EAA Chamber of Commerce, EUROCAM and their members on the EU Mexico Trade Agreement. The Agreement was “agreed in principle” on April 21st this year and will replace the original trade agreement between the EU and Mexico which came into effect in the year 2000.

Ambassador Rudischhauser welcomed the assembled group and gave an outline of the timeline for full ratification of the Treaty.

Paolo Caridi gave the audience an overview of the key elements of the new treaty as well as further details regarding the next steps for ratification both on the side of the EU and Mexico. Paolo has very kindly shared his presentation (in Spanish) and a brochure from the Delegation on what the Treaty means for Mexico, which give an overview of key areas of the treaty as well as information on next steps towards ratification. You can download these at the end of this section.

Some key points shared in his presentation which may be of interest to Chamber members include the following:

  • Modernization of the 2000 Treaty was needed to reflect the current business environment, changes which have taken globally since 2000 and to advance the joint vision for trade of the EU and Mexico.
  • The Treaty has been “agreed in principle”. It is expected that it will be officially “signed, sealed and delivered” by the two partners by the end of 2019 (optimistically speaking). On the EU side, once the text has been finalized and checked by lawyers, it will be translated into the EU’s official languages (24) and will then need to be ratified by EU member states (votes by Trade Ministers), voted on by members of the European Parliament (751) and also ratified by some national and regional parliaments. On the Mexican side, the Treaty will need to be approved by the Senate (128 members).
  • EU Mexico Trade has increase by 148% since the original treaty came into effect in 2000.
  • The EU exports 38 billion euro worth of goods and 10 billion euro worth of services to Mexico each year. The largest sectors are machinery (36% of overall trade, 13,6 billion euro), transport equipment (16% overall, 6,3 billion euro) and chemicals (14% overall, 5,4 billion euro).
  • Mexico exports 24 billion euro worth of goods and 5 billion euro worth of services to the EU annually. Key sectors include fuels and mining products, office and telecommunication equipment, transport equipment, and other machinery.
  • The Treaty will introduce simplified customs procedures aimed at speeding up paperwork and physical checks at Mexican customs. This will guarantee that EU and Mexican customs will process goods in a similar manner.
  • New and updated measures will also be introduced in the areas of Trade in Services, Public procurement, Intellectual property, Digital Trade and Investment (including a dispute resolution process).
  • PyMEs/SMES: A database of Mexican and EU  PyMEs/SMEs, looking for trading partners will be established. Specifics on products, tariffs, customs information etc. will also be available to facilitate the building of new trade relationships in the SME sector in Mexico and the EU.

For a concise summary of what the Treaty means for EU Mexico Trade

More details on the Treaty and each individual chapter are available on the EU Europa website.

For a link to the European Commission factsheet on what the Treaty means for EU Agriculture (English)

See below to download EU Delegation in Mexico documents

We look forward to continuing to support what will be a calendar of events from the Delegation and EUROCAM around the communication and interpretation of the Treaty for the benefit of businesses in Mexico and the EU.

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